Global Seismic Repairs (GSR) is a privately owned company incorporated under the Alberta Business Corporation Act in 2002. Since then GSR has been serving the world’s best seismic contractors and oil and gas exploration companies. We are considered a leading technology-focused seismic solution provider to the global oil and gas industry.

Our Specialized services include:

  • Repair and maintenance of specialized seismic equipment;
  • Lease and rental of specialized seismic equipment;
  • Sales of specialty products to the oil and gas industry related to seismic equipment; and
  • Re-Certification instrumentation used in land seismic acquisition.

Our technical expertise of more than 26 years includes: vibrator performance check-outs, recording systems setups, technical audits and field services start-ups.

At GSR, we are proud to offer you the most cutting edge seismic technology and premium technical expertise that will take your business to the next level.