Our Experience

GSR has a wealth of expertise and knowledge of the Seismic Industry. We help you pick the right equipment for the project. Our expertise coupled with the appropriate equipment choice, assures the success of the project.

Since 2002, GSR has been providing Seismic companies worldwide with quality seismic equipment and service. We have the ability to convert your operations from a single Geophone, to six per string or twelve per string, utilizing land case or marsh case. We also provide services for converting analog sensors to digital 3C and cabled system to wireless technology, such as Dynamite, VibroSeis, and GPS location.

Our products are proven to work flawlessly in every conceivable environment on earth. From the frozen tundra of the world’s polar regions to the searing heat of the hottest deserts, and everywhere in between. Our team brings a global experience with skills to suit your special needs.

If what you are looking is the right combination of experience and products that will bring your seismic projects to the next level, you have to look no further than GSR.