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Güralp has been manufacturing revolutionary broadband seismic instrumentation for more than 30 years. Their sensors employ the principle of negative force feedback to minimize the motion of the mass, and keep it centred within the seismometer casing. This technology vastly extends the bandwidth and linearity of the seismometer, recording seismic signals with long periods of over 300 seconds to over 100 Hz.

Guralp broadband sensors record seismic events and seismic signals of all kinds, from teleseismic events occurring on the other side of the planet, to microseismic events such as those induced by unconventional hydrocarbon extraction (e.g. hydraulic fracturing).

Oil and Gas sector
Güralp seismometers can be installed rapidly for passive seismic surveys and provide a powerful add-on to traditional seismic reflection and refraction surveys.

As seismic waves travel deeper into the ground, the highest frequencies become absorbed and attenuated early on, whilst low frequencies retain energy. Recording low-frequency arrivals with broadband seismometers can help to reveal the geological structure of deeper targets.